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Chicago Beauty Photographer  | LitPic Photos


Whether you need content to celebrate, influence, inspire, sell, or connect, our mission is to execute on a creative vision customised to your needs. 


Based in Chicago, IL, we are specializing in beauty and lifestyle product photography. We offer a full service in-studio creative production including set styling, creative conceptualization and post-production.

LitPic Photos | Illinois Beaty Product Photographer


Initially, the LitPic Photos team will get to know your brand and understand the underlying motivations behind your photoshoot. We’ll develop unique and creative concepts that align perfectly with your brand. 

LitPic Photos | Chicago Lifestyle brands Product Photographer


This is where we swiftly shift gears, immersing ourselves in the creative zone as we pick up our tools and embark on the photoshoot! Our thorough pre-production process ensures we have a perfect shoot that addresses the creative needs of your project.

 LitPic Photos | Chicago beauty brands Product Photographer


This is the enchanted space where the wonders unfold, and your project is brought to life! With a sprinkle of Photoshop your product photos will be made available for use in marketing materials, e-commerce platforms or any other channels of your choosing.

Working With
the Best

LitPic Product Photography Clients | One Love Organics
LitPic Product Photography Clients | California Baby
LitPic Product Photography Clients | Era Organics
LitPic Product Photography Clients | Loli Beauty
 LitPic Product Photography Clients
LitPic Product Photography Clients | timeless skin care


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